Custom Blinds and Retractable Awnings LLC

"The Solar Solution Company"

Hours of Operation

Mon.-Fri.(8 am to 9 pm)

Sat.-Sun.(8 am to 3 pm)

Except Holidays

Eastern Standerd Time



Irwin, Pa


We offer a variety of services for our customers.  We have a Summer opening service and a winter closing service.  We also offer a cleaning service for the units we carry. We repair broken units. New motors, arms, fabric and everything else, we can replace it all.  Call us for pricing on your specific model.

Call jack at : (724)575-2615 

Call Justin at : (412)620-3246 

Instructions for Referrals

You are paying us the highest compliment with your referral and we thank you for that. To show our appreciation, our 50/50 program is a reimbursement of $50 paid to you and $50 paid to your referral after the sale is made.  In the event your referral does not result in a sale, you will be entered in our current year drawing for free awning accessories or a free winter or spring service.